Last night we were caught by surprise. Our nation was caught by surprise. Gunmen attacked Mpeketoni, an Island in Lamu. Forget that there are manned road blocks on your way to Lamu. So it would be safe to say that someone was either sleeping on the job, or…someone was happily enjoying a ‘Its our time to eat moment.’ But no, you cant just assume and speak of such things. Why? Because that would be viewed as undermining the forces. Incitement if you may.
This morning, we woke up to reports of the death toll standing at 26. Others claimed 34. As we speak, i’ve seen over 3 different figures. Something I’m used to really as a Kenyan. We never really know what is happening, numbers always differ and at the end someone usually gives a, ‘The situation is under control’ briefing and that’s it. That story is laid to rest.
Truth be told, if we can afford to pay Ksh. 1.4 Billion to the Anglo-leasing ‘watus’, seriously, we can afford to chomoa extra billion out of nowhere (read public coffers) and improve our security forces. Better guns, better intel (even if it means paying informers within the community). But there is a problem with that already. There are plans to do that already (refer to the presidents advert in relation to security cameras). But of what use is it? What will it benefit us to use all that money, collect all that intel only for it to be stored and probably never be used? Remember there was once a community policing initiative that involved tip off boxes on Police bill boards? That died just like that. How sure are we that this will work?
You see, the problem with Kenyans is that most of us are a brainwashed lot. We believe that you should not question the people that you voted in. Always blame the opposition. You don’t believe me? Try questioning the current situation on social media. If you are from the mountains like me, you will be met with. ‘You are just trying to fit in and show that you are neutral’, “Kubali wewe ni mkikuyu na uwache upuzi’, ‘Wewe ni kihii kama watu watu wa CORD. Accept and move on’, ‘Uhuru ako kwa kiti for two terms na hakuna kitu mtafanya. Kama unaona hafanyi kazi ngojea wakati wako uchaguliwe’. The hate on these social media streets is too much it scares me. Its like a totally different country. Grown up people with an education and decent jobs incite without fear.

People automatically assume that because you are from the mountains, you voted in a particular way. Its even worse if you are a CORD supporter and you try to say anything related to the government. The bile that will be thrown your way will make you close down your social media accounts. If you look around you will realize that there are two tribes in Kenya the ‘Our people are in government, do as you wish’ mentality for the Jubilee supporters, and the ‘We are fed up with this nonsense. A revolution is coming. You people will know that Kenya was not made for you alone’ for the CORD supporters.
Its a sad situation really considering that in every country there are only two tribes. The “Haves’ and ‘The have nots’. Period. Those who go to public places with full security detail and armored vehicles, and those that walk from Thika road to Nyayo stadium for public rallies. Those that get whisked away by chauffeurs and those that are very well accustomed to the blue Land rover. The earlier we realize this, the earlier we can open our eyes, free our minds and look at thing objectively. The easier it will be for us to question decisions by our leaders regardless of whichever political divide we fall on. The easier it will be to ask yourself, “Fine. I will stand by you. But what do I get in return? Bei ya unga itapanda? Mtatutengenezea hospitali? Nitaweza ku afford stima niwache kutumia koroboi la mafuta ya taa? Usalama wangu utaimarishwa? Jee…nikismama nawe, utanifaidi kivipi?”
As i type this, the number of casualties has risen from 27 to 47. When will this madness stop? All in less than 12 hours. 47 Kenyans have lost their lives. I’m yet to see a press statement, a media briefing. NOTHING!!! Are they not Kenyans? Don’t Kenyans deserve to know what is happening? Are we really one? Are we?
Lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, Banks have been burnt down. That they can come and kill innocent Kenyans, attack a police station, hold a town hostage for hours and later escape is just unacceptable.
Mr. President. Something has got to give. Someone has to be held responsible. Someone needs to be fired and someone needs to be cooling their heels and Shimo la Tewa. The buck stops with you. You are the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Shots need to be called and ultimatums need to be given. And while at it, actions must be seen to be taken. Work must be seen to be done. Otherwise, we will be branded a NATO (No Actions, Talk Only) country.
As one @Nairoban254 said, we have opened more government twitter accounts than we have opened hospitals. Accounts that RT praise mentions only and tweets by media personalities. Accounts that RT each other and make us dizzy as we jump from one account to another trying to find out what is happening in our beloved nation only to end up going in circles. We dismiss security alerts because of course, we are a nation that is sovereign and we will do as we deem fit. Has anyone seen the photos of the mpeketoni attack? The police station compound is a mess. People attacked a town for 4-6 hours. Does anyone have an idea on how much ammo would be needed to pull off such an attack?
But then again, I’ll probably be met wit a ‘What do you know about heading a country?’, ‘Have you ever served in the disciplined forces for you to understand how intelligence works?’. I’m all for human rights, but I’m also for the view that you cannot accord Human rights to people who don’t respect the rights of others. Something has to be done. Someone needs to be ‘questioned’, answers need to be found. Its not always about politics, KENYANS NEED TO FEEL SAFE AGAIN!!



  1. The troubles that have beseiged our country cannot be silently wished away. Before i speak to castigate and chastice the countries leadership like i surely will, i beg to engage in a rather analytical debate. The security threats have continously moved from barbaric acts of torror to seamingly well orchestrated to even the normal eye as we speak. People who plan raids and even burn the vehicles used to cause the mayhem to totally destroy any forensic evidence that could be gathered. Millitary precision in timing of attacks execution and get aways. In myy deep thoughts the whole plot does not have the real vallian at the focal spot. We still want to insist that a small and rather weakened millitia still find it within their means to plan and pull out such attacks with so much ease and comfort. Mind you they have never had a public announcment of claiming responsibility on any of the attrocities which is their badge if honour. I just beg to differ. Am just saying that the black pot we so much want to accuse of leaving a smudge of soot on our polished trousers may not be responsible after all. We have some darker pots and we need to act with speed. And before you act on some empty and shaddy allegations of our tribe is being finished and they have taken all the jobs, please sit down and ask how many interviews they have granted you so far and how many they will give you when they use your blood and sweat to water the flowers of their selfish needs. Let us try and be a bit analytical before butchering our country and feeding the fattened parts to the wolf and leaving our children in a grand scrumble for the tripe.


  2. so tru what you have written. But as we watched westgate and the aftermath wasnt it enough to let us know that we are on our own? The president has bought an even more amoured car so it should tell you that with his 200 trained soldiers to look after him and all the other security beef ups he has made, he is not feeling safe in his own country. i wonder who he is protecting himself from. with a convoy of 44 vehicles to any little meeting, and doing frivolous things like legalizing polygamy when there are so many more important and pressing basic issues… we are in for drama if the LORD does not have mercy on the regular mwananchi…. we are truly on our own! The westgate silence was so resounding until CORD came to do something about it before the government could even think….


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